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March 21, 2014 in News

Oracle releases Documaker 12.3

Atlanta, GA – March 21, 2014

Oracle recently released the latest version of its industry-leading Enterprise Document Automation solution, Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition 12.3.  This new version introduces a set of enhancements that improve the overall usability and feature-set across the entire Oracle Documaker suite of products, further establishing Documaker as the only solution at home across multiple verticals and capable of handling every mission-critical use-case.

Most notably, Documaker 12.3 introduces support for running the Documaker Enterprise Edition Document Factory under DB2 on z/OS, opening the door for organizations that prefer to run Documaker on the mainframe.

Per the Oracle release notes, additional features include:

  • Support for Documaker Enterprise Edition (DocFactory) processing with DB2 on z/OS.
  • Enhancements to Documaker Enterprise Edition environment promotions.
  • Automated creation of new documents from existing completed documents (cloning & updating).
  • Enhanced XML output support (expansion of the Docucorp Standard XML output format).
  • Additional options for Document Factory job submission (now supporting “hot” directory, web-services, and directly via a message queue).
  • Support for Silanis signature integration (as an Archiver-process destination).
  • Support for Australian 8 digital bar code (DPID).
  • Support for batch-splitting into separate print streams.

For assistance leveraging these new features available in Oracle Documaker 12.3, please contact us for more information.

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