Oracle Documaker Practice

Documaker has been around for quite a while, and our founders have been involved with the product from the start.  In fact, they were responsible for helping to grow the product suite from the early FormMaker days (when we called it DAP) through the Docucorp and Skywire years.  Now an enterprise-class publishing platform that specializes in batch and on-demand print capabilities across a multitude of industry applications, Oracle Documaker is a proven document automation workhorse.

With decades of expertise building solutions of all shapes and sizes with Oracle Documaker, nobody knows more about designing and implementing enterprise-class CCM solutions than we do.  Our Documaker consulting services covers all aspects ranging from solution design to production support.

General Oracle Documaker Expertise

  • Documaker Standard & Enterprise Edition installations and upgrades.
  • Migrations to newer CCM/UX platforms (Quadient Inspire, OpenText Exstream)
  • Documaker Desktop (PPS) expertise.
  • Documaker Interactive integration, including iPPS/iDocumaker services for real-time policy issuance and claims correspondence systems.
  • Docupresentment/IDS setup and integration.
  • Documaker Studio training & assistance.
  • Batch solutions (mainframe, Unix/AIX, windows).
  • Real-time integration via web services – EWPS and DWS setup and configuration.
  • Utility bill implementations (consolidated bill, summary bill).
  • Real-time integration including web services (WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, IIS).
  • Rules-publishing (RP) expertise.
  • Business rules (mapping, form/image triggering).
  • Import conversion (flat-file, XML).

Documaker Enterprise Edition

  • Enterprise Edition deployment, setup, & configuration (Weblogic/WebSphere, Oracle/DB2 DBMS, SOA Suite, JMS, WebSphereMQ, DocFactory).
  • Multiple assembly-line setup and configuration.
  • Migration of legacy DAL GVM’s to normalized Enterprise Edition TRNS properties.
  • Index file creation for Mobius and other content-management solutions.
  • Enterprise Interactive setup & integration.
  • System upgrades (Standard to Enterprise, Enterprise version upgrades).
  • Performance tuning and scaling for maximum throughput.
  • Design & development of interactive correspondence & publishing solutions for Documaker.
  • System setup & configuration (XML, INI configuration files).
  • Content-management integration (Oracle’s UCM, IBM’s CMOD, ImageRight, others).
Documaker Enterprise Dashboard

Documaker Interactive

  • Bespoke policy issuance and claims correspondence with with full integration with Oracle Documaker web services.
  • On-demand and real-time publishing solutions (including e-delivery).
  • Expertise in Documaker real-time publishing technologies, including IDS, EWPS, and DWS (Enterprise Edition).
  • Development of re-usable publishing framework for use with interactive solutions across the enterprise (policy issuance, claims-correspondence) utilizing Documaker IDS/EWPS and DWS.
  • Real-time integration including web services (WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, IIS).
  • Framework development in Java & .NET technologies.
  • Documaker Enterprise deployment, setup, & configuration (Weblogic/WebSphere, Oracle/DB2 DBMS, SOA Suite, JMS, WebSphereMQ, DocFactory).
  • ECM integration (Oracle’s UCM/WebCenter, IBM’s CMOD, ImageRight, FileNet, others).
Documaker Interactive

Documaker Desktop (PPS)

  • Documaker Desktop setup, configuration & upgrade support
  • Documaker Studio setup & training
  • Forms maintenance, design, & conversions
  • Setup forms in Documaker/PPS (Docucorp)
  • Setup & configure insurance business rules
  • Retrieve data from archive
  • System setup & configuration (XML, INI configuration)
  • Rating & admin integration
  • Field mapping
  • Desktop and web-based solutions for brokerage and agency-based needs
  • PPS conversions, including forms & business logic