OpenText Exstream

Transform customer experiences with OpenText Exstream

Maximize your return on investment in OpenText Exstream by engaging our team of SME's to fast-track your projects and ensure that you are first to market with cutting-edge CCM solutions for your customers.

Our OpenText Exstream Practice

OpenText Exstream, a Customer Communication Management (CCM) suite, provides a highly flexible and scalable environment for event-driven integration to source systems, delivers communications through a multitude of channels and protocols, and orchestrates communication production jobs across a broad variety of industry verticals.

Exstream was originally founded by Dialogue Software in Lexington, Kentucky in 1998 and acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2008.  OpenText, one of the largest independent software providers for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, acquired Exstream from Hewlett Packard in 2016.

Key OpenText features

Personalized Communications

Create personalized output that drives customer engagement and subsequent brand loyalty.

Risk Mitigation & Efficiency

Reduce the potential for errors & omissions through approved content that is available for the right jurisdiction and effective dates.

Cloud Integration

Deploy to cloud for streamlined integration and access to design, authoring and orchestration capabilities.

How DocVentive can help

Our team of subject matter experts are proficient with all OpenText Products, including Exstream, Delivery Manager, MessagePoint, Live and Empower Editors, and Remote Collaboration.  With our deep experience, we can help you to achieve the following:

Personalized Communications:
  • Ensure consistent branding across multiple channels.
  • Deliver communications like statements, letters, notices, forms, etc. to customers’ preferred delivery channels.
  • Enable personalized and targeted marketing campaigns to drive new business initiatives.
Risk Mitigation & Efficiency:
  • Streamline all communications templates to reduce dependency on IT for any changes.
  • Optimize digital experiences while reducing dependency on paper-based communication.
  • Automate workflows and processes to reduce operational overhead and inbound call volumes.
Cloud Integration:
  • Containerized cloud deployment for authoring, editing and orchestration.
  • Integration with any application including key ERP & CRM solutions.
  • Support for responsive communications via mobile.