Calligo/Istream Migration Practice

Do you know how to convert your existing IStream implementations and old Calligo documents to Oracle Documaker, Quadient Inspire, OpenText ExStream, GhostDraft, or some other solution?  What about migrating your existing business logic to a new platform?  Should you simply convert your Word-based IStream/Calligo documents to RTF or other formats for import, or do they need to be redesigned as reusable resources to work best with Documaker, GhostDraft, Quadient Inspire, Exstream or other CCM platform?


Calligo/IStream Conversion

Merely converting your old Calligo documents to Quadient Inspire or OpenText Exstream isn’t going to buy you much, and you’ll be left thinking about how you’re going to fit your business logic in the picture. With our long history with Calligo/Istream going back to the InSystem days, nobody knows more about Calligo/IStream than us. We can help you make the smart decisions necessary to efficiently convert your IStream system to another CCM platform. We have more experience than anyone in the industry converting legacy publishing solutions like IStream/Calligo documents, and we have custom-built tools to automate the conversion of IStream/Calligo documents and can provide critical guidance on everything from document conversion/design to business rules migration.

Our Calligo/Istream Migration Methodology


Potential Target Platforms

  • GhostDraft – perhaps the most similar to IStream, GhostDraft provides a Word-like Studio experience and document assembly features that are very familiar to existing IStream users.  Capable of producing PDF, Postscript, and Word (.docx) output (amongst others).  No support for mainframe print (AFP, Metacode).
  • Quadient Inspire – a very comprehensive document assembly platform built upon intuitive workflows and robust data aggregation & transformation rules to drive document assembly.  A full complement of CX tools for servicing omni-channel customer engagement across a broad variety of output types.
  • OpenText Exstream – a well recognized, module-based CCM platform capable of dynamic document assembly across all lines of business.
  • Oracle Documaker – Documaker comes with built-in tools to help facilitate the migration from IStream, and can handle very complicated document assembly logic across a broad variety of output types.  If you are currently using IStream Customizer to produce Word (.docx) output, please note that Documaker does not support this output type.