GhostDraft introduces cloud-based CCM that integrates into your business to create better experiences and meet your customer's changing needs.

Our GhostDraft Practice

With roots going back over 30 years, GhostDraft is a relatively new product to the CCM world built out of experience servicing complex documents in the legal industry.  As a true cloud-based offering, GhostDraft offers an innovative and scalable approach to customer communications that provides dynamic document creation capabilities and subscription-based pricing  that can evolve and grow with your business.

Key GhostDraft features

Insurance Workflows

One solution for the management & production of documents vital to the policy production and claims processing workflows.

Billing Documents

Capable of supporting all varieties of billing documents across a broad variety of channels.

Customer Communications

Able to deliver on a comprehensive strategy of customer engagement that gives you an edge over the competition.

How DocVentive can help

Migrations to GhostDraft

Turnkey migrations of legacy print systems to GhostDraft with everything from strategic planning to production rollout & support.

Customizations & Upgrades

Solution integration to work seamlessly with upstream & downstream systems, full-service solution upgrades.

New Implementations

New GhostDraft implementations and system upgrades, including full solution development and upstream & downstream integration.

GhostDraft Staffing

Staffing of hourly or full-time equivalent resources to assist with your GhostDraft deployment needs & tasks.

Whether you’re facing a legacy CCM conversion to GhostDraft or simply looking for a business centric document generation solution and need some assistance, our team of experts can help.  Our GhostDraft services include:

  • Strategic solution planning and design including the establishment of cloud-integration infrastructure and necessary roles and responsibilities for production roll-out.
  • Proficiency in all GhostDraft tools including Prologue, Studio, and Data Workbench.
  • Expertise working with simple and complex template design and dynamic assembly in a Word-like Studio environment.
  • Expertise with XML domain-model creation and mapping in Data Workbench.
  • Design of smart web-forms for data-capture accessible via Prologue.
  • Application integration with assembly and data-mapping web services.
  • Application design and development services for custom integration with Prologue for web-based data-capture.
  • Assistance with run-time configuration and post-processing integration.
  • Utilities to stream-line Calligo/IStream conversions including the extraction of content, business-logic, and fields for ingestion into Studio.
  • On-premise or cloud-based production support.