Connecting Agents & Carriers securely in the Cloud.

Move your agents beyond antiquated policy issuance systems like PPS/Documaker and empower them to conduct business more efficiently and securely in the cloud.

The Policy Issuance Dilemma

Whether you’re an insurance carrier or a general agency, the process of managing, distributing, completing, and publishing policy documents can be a tedious and time-consuming process to support and maintain.  Obtaining and delivering form updates is largely a manual process, and very few standards of automation exist today to reduce keystrokes for the agent.  Some carriers have rolled-out their own issuance platforms, but each company API is different causing headaches for producers wishing to integrate.  Finally, mechanisms to push completed policy data back to the agency and carrier admin systems tend to be fragile with very little consistency in regard to data formatting and transport mechanisms.  For most organizations whose lifeblood depends upon the production of policy documents, these issues persist.

Introducing AgencyGate

Recognizing the myriad of policy issuance challenges that continue to inhibit agencies and carriers from working efficiently together, we’ve leveraged our years of product development experience within the Surplus Lines insurance space to build AgencyGate with the primary objective of streamlining policy issuance workflows.  As a SaaS offering powered by GhostDraft, AgencyGate addresses many of the historical problems that have plagued policy issuance workflows while delivering on a solution that revolutionizes how agents can work with carriers to produce insurance policy documents.  Additionally, AgencyGate establishes a single API for integration regardless of which carrier library a producer is working with.


Why AgencyGate

Cost Savings

Subscription-based to scale with your business, elimination of IT overhead required to manage policy issuance infrastructure

Better Time-to-Market

80% reduction in time-to-market through immediate access to latest editions of ISO forms & endorsements

Reduced Errors & Omissions

Virtual elimination of errors & omissions by enabling rating/admin integration and reducing manual keystrokes

Benefits of SaaS

Full benefits of SaaS including single-API integration, scalability, rapid deployment, better security and lower costs

AgencyGate Interactive

Key Features & Benefits

  • Document publishing in the cloud with secure access to forms, work-in-process, and import features.
  • Immediate access to new form editions once approved and distributed by the company.
  • WYSIWYG manual data-capture capabilities.
  • Work-in-process (WIP) capabilities to save partially complete policy documents for later and routing.
  • Support for required fields, state stamps & signatures.
  • Manual or automated data-import capabilities (Docucorp V2, XML, other formats).
  • PDF, XML document generation and delivery.
  • All recipient publishing options.
  • Easy migration for PPS/Documaker forms and resources, other non-Docucorp forms systems.
  • No library maintenance is required by the agencies & producers.

Migrating from PPS/Documaker

AgencyGate is enabled for MigrationXpress, our state-of-the art SaaS solution for converting legacy policy documents to GhostDraft, Quadient Inspire, OpenText Exstream, and other leading CCM platforms.  We’ve built MigrationXpress with the sole objective of reducing costs and improving accuracy & deployment timelines of legacy CCM migrations.  MigrationXpress effectively removes the traditional barriers to conversion that often plague policy document conversions, and it opens the door for a quick and efficient migration from systems like PPS/Documaker to AgencyGate powered by GhostDraft.

MigrationXpress Samples

Why We Chose GhostDraft

We work with a lot of enterprise-class CCM/UX solutions and GhostDraft offers the perfect mix of features & benefits to underpin our AgencyGate solution.  A cloud-native platform with rich interactive capabilities designed for end users, GhostDraft enables the business to have full authoring control over the design of policy documents without the need for IT intervention.

ISO & AAIS Forms

Immediate access to the latest pre-built ISO and AAIS forms across 29 lines of business with continuous monitoring and maintenance services to enable carriers to quickly launch new products and always stay ahead of effective dates.

Insurance Workflows

One solution for the management & production of documents vital to insurance processing workflows. Ability to create and store reusable content and work with multiple data-models across thousands of policy, claims and billing documents.

Interactive Features

Best-in-class interactive capabilities that empower users to easily work with complex policy forms. Feature-rich editing experience including built-in support for DEC and schedule overflow, manuscript endorsement formatting.

Integration Capabilities

Robust integration capabilities with GhostDraft's document production environment including access to Document Composition services, Data Capture services, Data Mapping services, Workflow services and Policy Assembly services.

If you’ve been struggling to maintain an antiquated policy issuance system or looking to streamline business engagement with producers and agents, AgencyGate powered by GhostDraft can replace the features & functions that you have today while delivering on a cloud-native solution that scales with your business into the future.