Company Leadership

A.D. Kent

Co-founder of DocVentive and an authority in CCM/UX solutions. Prior to launching DocVentive, A.D. was a Founding Partner for a start-up company that provided products & services around the Oracle Documaker family of solutions. He contributed strategic guidance and technology expertise to multiple project teams across a variety of enterprise-scale implementations, and fostered strong client…

Hsi-Ming Lin

Co-founder of DocVentive and expert in document automation solutions. Prior to founding DocVentive, Hsi-Ming worked as an independent consultant assisting companies developing business strategies, technical solutions and operational processes. He co-founded The Span2/NetCommerce Company, where he served as CTO and Senior VP. Hsi-Ming also served as Senior VP of R&D at Docucorp International (formerly Formaker…

Randy Skinner

Randy Skinner

Partner and expert in enterprise-class CCM solutions. Over 30 years expertise developing and servicing industry leading CCM/UX technologies for the Insurance & Financial Services industries. Joined DocVentive as managing partner June, 2023. Prior to DocVentive, served over 17 years as Global Vice President with Oracle for the Insurance/Financial Services Industry. Experienced Consulting Executive with a…

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