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March 10, 2023 in Quadient

Choosing the Right Quadient Delivery Partner

Quadient Delivery PartnerTaking on a large Quadient Inspire project can be a daunting task.  Your team knows the business requirements and has some experience working with Quadient, but you don’t have anyone with an overarching vision for solution design nor a team with dozens of best-practices Quadient implementations under their belt.  Is it worth the risk to forge ahead on a big implementation knowing that you’ll surely make a few expensive mistakes along the way, or is it better to work with a seasoned Delivery Partner who is Quadient-certified and has decades of industry experience resolving business problems just like yours?  You’re smart to be working with a Delivery Partner, but where to start?

How to Choose a Delivery Partner

When looking for a Quadient Delivery Partner, there are a number of options available to you so it’s important to do some due diligence.  Most Delivery Partners like to cite their bench counts and technology certifications, but those data points rarely factor into the overall success of a project.  In reality, the following areas play a much more important role and should be highlighted in your decision-making process:

What areas do they specialize in?

A focus on CCM/UX expertise is critically important when selecting a partner.  Do they specialize on CCM/UX or is it just one of their many practice areas?  How many years of experience do they have working with document automation technologies?  Working with a partner that specializes exclusively in CCM/UX ensures that you’ll be engaged with an organization that is wholly-focused where you need them to be.

Do they understand your business?

A great delivery partner must have past experience with your business requirements.  Do you want a partner cutting their teeth on your policy-print migration, or do you want to be working with a team that has decades of experience with the typical business requirements that surround the design and production of insurance policy documents?  Engaging a partner that knows your business requirements almost as well as you do is critically important to project efficiency and success.

Do their executives lead by example?

True industry leaders have executives that lead by example.  These companies have leadership that don’t outsource the hard questions to various support staff and are not in the business of making promises that someone else needs to keep.  When interviewing a prospective partner, are they answering your questions directly or are they deferring to staff depending upon the topic?  Does partner leadership actively engage in project meetings, or are they passively involved at best (if at all)?  A partner executive that actively participates and answers the difficult questions is the key sign of an organization that will be fully-invested in your success from top to bottom.

Do they have a strong industry reputation?

A good delivery partner must have a solid lineage and reputation in the CCM/UX industry.  These types of organizations aren’t afraid of tackling the hard problems and taking responsibility when things don’t go by the book.  They’ll have a deep and illustrative reputation for building unique solutions to address very complicated business challenges and will have references that can speak to their abilities going back decades.  They also have a deep well of experience to pull from and are best positioned to help your team to avoid key mistakes that can quickly derail a project.

Why It’s Important

First and foremost, working with the right Quadient Delivery Partner means that you’ll be one step ahead of the competition and prepared for whatever business demands the future brings.  Here are some additional benefits to making an informed partner selection:

High return on investment

A great delivery partner will have the vision and expertise to deliver solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and built to address complicated and expensive business problems.  This will allow you to focus more capital towards innovation and growth of services to your customers.

More efficient and secure business workflows

A delivery partner that understands your business will be in the best position to build solutions that align closely with your business workflows.  The result – scalable systems that that allow your departments to collaborate efficiently and focus on engaging the customer effectively while protecting sensitive communications and data.

Problem & defect resolution

A great delivery partner won’t simply disappear after a project is completed and leave you searching for answers if issues or problems arise.  Too often projects are completed and development staff move on to other things, and it can be a real struggle to find experienced resources to support an application in production.  Having a solid partner with leadership that can answer the hard questions long after a project has been moved to production can mean the difference between minutes and days of system downtime.

If you’re interested in establishing a relationship with a seasoned, certified, and experienced Quadient Delivery Partner, reach out to us today and let us know how we can help.  Our team has decades of CCM/UX industry experience tackling some of the most complicated business problems and can ensure that your future Quadient projects are a resounding success.

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