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Hsi-Ming Lin

Co-founder of DocVentive and expert in document automation solutions.

Prior to founding DocVentive, Hsi-Ming worked as an independent consultant assisting companies developing business strategies, technical solutions and operational processes. He co-founded The Span2/NetCommerce Company, where he served as CTO and Senior VP. Hsi-Ming also served as Senior VP of R&D at Docucorp International (formerly Formaker Software). He was originally responsible for the creation and development of DAP (the Document Automation Platform), now known in the industry as Oracle Documaker. Prior to Docucorp, Hsi-Ming’s business experience included several senior management and product development positions with several successful companies in developing software solutions for Financial Service industries.

  • Quadient Inspire (full certifications)
  • Oracle Documaker family of solutions
  • GhostDraft
  • Authority in legacy & batch-print solutions
  • Documerge conversions
  • Calligo/Istream conversions
  • Documaker custom-code analysis
  • Oracle Documaker upgrades
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