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Are you facing the daunting task of migrating a legacy forms library to Oracle Documaker or HP ExStream and aren’t sure whether you should convert or just start over from scratch? How do you establish a balance of content re-usability and redesign that will result in a successful and cost-efficient conversion with reduced maintenance costs and optimum system performance, all the while getting a solution to market quickly?

If you have the need to build or convert a forms library and would like to outsource the task or simply need a relationship with subject-matter experts to get the job done, our team of seasoned experts can help. DocVentive’s Library Development services include:

  • Library analysis for re-usability and performance
  • Forms conversion (Documerge, Documaker, Docucorp, Formmaker, Calligo/IStream, AFP, Metacode, Word, PDF, FAP, more)
  • Forms design & normalization for Oracle Documaker, HP ExStream
  • ISO forms acquisition and conversion
  • Consolidated bill design
  • Summary bill implementation
  • Font-mapping
  • Field-mapping & tagging
  • Compliance issues
  • Business-logic integration (dynamic forms, calculations, overflow)
  • Triggering (images, sections, fields)
  • Forms clean-up

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