Documerge Conversion

Have you thought about what you’re going to do with those old mainframe Documerge systems?  It has been around a while and served the Insurance Industry well…you probably implemented Documerge during the Image Sciences days and continued to rely upon and support Documerge during the Docucorp years.  Now part of the Oracle portfolio, Documerge is facing end-of-life in the near future, so the time has come to start planning a conversion strategy to newer and more modern publishing solutions (like Oracle Documaker).
DocuMerge Conversion

Oracle Support for Documerge

Oracle has placed Documerge on “sustaining support” through at least 2017, as they typically do with all Oracle Insurance flagship products.  This means that Oracle will provide access to on-line support tools, upgrade rights, pre-existing fixes, and technical support for as long as you own and use Documerge.  Fortunately, this also means that you’ll have a dependable (yet short) window of stability & support for Documerge while you establish an execution strategy to a newer & more robust solution.

The Documerge Conversion Authority

Whether you’re looking to convert your Documerge systems over to Oracle Documaker Standard/Enterprise Editions or some other system, nobody else has as much experience migrating legacy publishing solutions to modern-day platforms than we do.  In fact, we’ve built a suite of tools and utilities to streamline the conversion process that can do everything from migrating your mainframe Documerge EDL to cleaning up the converted forms.  As former Docucorp Executives & Engineers that had a hand in the success of Oracle Documaker, we specialize in world class Documerge to Documaker conversions.  We can even assist in turnkey VDR (Variable Data Reformatter) migration, starting with extensive VDR analysis to extract business logic and determine what needs to be re-written or can be handled by an updated publishing platform.  So, whether you’re converting auto insurance quotes or a large policy-issuance line, we can handle it all.

As a legacy framework that is nearing end-of-life, knowledge of Documerge is increasingly limited.  Our core team of professionals are former Oracle/Docucorp staff that have roots going back to legacy organizations that designed & built the Documaker & Documerge publishing solutions.  Our Documerge services include:

  • Documerge EDL conversion (AFP, MetaCode forms) from VLAM backup
  • VDR analysis and extraction of COBOL business logic to base publishing rules and/or updated middleware technology
  • Migration of printer-resident resources such as as Xerox Metacode overlays (.FRM), IMG files, page segments, and fonts
  • Best-practices migration to Oracle Documaker (leverage key Documaker features)
  • EDL member extraction
  • Field-definition database (FDB) generation via Documerge Rulebase Report

  • XDD generation
  • Font-mapping (AGFA, OpenType, others)
  • Forms clean-up (automated, manual)
  • Proven world class Documerge conversion methodology
  • Suite of custom-built tools to assist conversion from Documerge to Oracle Documaker
  • Support for transitional parallel processing


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