Documaker has been around for quite a while, and our founders have been involved with the product from the start.  In fact, they were responsible for helping to grow the Oracle Documaker suite of solutions from the early FormMaker days (when we called it DAP) through the Docucorp years.   Now, a world-class publishing platform that does everything from batch to web services integration across a multitude of industry applications, Documaker is arguably one of the most robust and feature-rich solutions available on the market today.  But, it is not without its’ complexities.
Oracle Documaker

The Documaker Enterprise Authority

As much as Oracle Documaker has an established track-record as workhorse in the Insurance & Utility industries, it is also notoriously difficult to implement, configure, and customize.  The introduction of Enterprise Edition (DMEE) further complicates the process by introducing true enterprise-wide orchestration of Document Factory functionality at the cost of additional prerequisites that require a skilled hand to deploy and configure.  Easily one of the most powerful and flexible publishing and CCM solutions on the market, DMEE introduces a myriad of configuration options to play with and parts to fit together.  However, when things are configured correctly, there is no other solution that can offer the range of batch and web services performance and durability that Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition can bring to the table.

So, whether you’re planning a new implementation with web services integration or working on a legacy Documerge or Calligo conversion, we’re here to help you make the smart and cost-effective decisions necessary to leverage your Oracle technology investments.

We’re the Documaker authority, and our professional services include:

  • Only vendor outside of Oracle with hands-on expertise in Enterprise Edition (ODEE).
  • Enterprise Edition deployment, setup, & configuration (Weblogic/WebSphere, Oracle/DB2 DBMS, SOA Suite, JMS, WebSphereMQ, DocFactory)
  • Multiple assembly-lines
  • Interactive setup & integration
  • Web services – EWPS and DWS setup, configuration, integration
  • System upgrades (Standard, Enterprise editions)
  • Rules-publishing (RP) expertise
  • Design & development of interactive correspondence & publishing solutions for Documaker
  • Documerge conversions (EDL)
  • Calligo conversions
  • Documaker Studio training & assistance
  • iPPS/iDocumaker consulting (real-time policy systems, claims systems)
  • PPS & Documaker Desktop expertise
  • IDS expertise (Docupresentment)
  • Batch solutions (mainframe, Unix/AIX, windows)
  • Utility bill implementations (consolidated bill, summary bill)
  • Real-time integration including web services (WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, IIS)
  • Business rules (mapping, form/image triggering)
  • Import conversion (flat-file, XML)
  • ACORD XML translation
  • Forms conversion
  • System setup & configuration (XML, INI configuration files)
  • Content-management integration (Oracle’s UCM, IBM’s CMOD, ImageRight, others)

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