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Do you have an archive conversion problem or simply trying to figure out what to do with the growing mountain of Documaker archival documents (CAR files) that are piling up on the network?  Are you currently using Documaker and looking for an easy way to push all of your published output to a third-party content management system like Oracle’s WebCenter (formerly UCM), IBM’s OnDemand, Mobius, or ImageRight?  We can help with all of your archive needs, whether it be a migration from Documaker or other legacy archival system, or simply connecting an existing publishing platform to a newer archive solution.  As experts in document management and publishing, we have decades of experience working with archive solutions of all sizes and configurations including expertise with a wide range of methodologies used for integration.
Archive Conversion

Our services include:

  • Documaker archive conversion (Oracle WebCenter, IBM OnDemand, Mobius, ImageRight, more)
  • Data-mining of Documaker archives for Bordereaux and other custom reporting needs
  • Document and data (XML) extraction from Documaker archival files
  • Batch & real-time archival integration with all major content management vendors
  • Archive portal design & development (document retrieval)

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