Application Services

So, you’re looking for cost-effective and experienced assistance with application design or software development, and not sure where to turn.  Do you simply contract work out to some random development company, or do you take the time to source and hire some programmers?  What about requirements…are you in the middle of a project and having trouble translating a business need to development and design specifications?  Do your architects have the necessary “street-cred” with development & marketing to get things done?
Application Services

The Application Experts

At DocVentive, we have decades of experience designing and building enterprise-scale applications for some of the largest organizations in the world, so we know a thing or two about sound application design and development.  Our architects & developers know how to work effectively with the development and marketing folks, are diplomatic and savvy when it matters, and can think very critically about architecture and applying technology where it counts.

Our application services include:

  • Turnkey solution design & development
  • Web-services design experts (top-down approach, XSD/WSDL)
  • Interactive correspondence & publishing solution design, development
  • Publishing Solutions
  • Enterprise-Scale Archicture
  • Digital Content Management Solutions
  • Media Syndication
  • Social Media Solutions
  • DBMS Design
  • AJAX Design (XML, JSON, Sencha, JQuery)
  • SOA Design & Development
  • SEO integration & optimization
  • Mobile solutions (iOS, Android, HTML5)
  • All development languages

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