Calligo/IStream Upgrade

IMPORTANT: Oracle has officially discontinued Extended Support for IStream Document Manager 6.3 and IStream Publisher 4.3, and will be dropping ALL support for the platform by August 2019.  Contact us today to discuss potential support and conversion options for your Calligo/IStream system.
Have you thought about upgrading your old Calligo system to IStream Document Manager 6.3 and IStream Publisher 4.3? If you’ve considered migrating to Oracle Documaker, GhostDraft, OpenText Exstream, or other platform but are concerned about the effort and costs involved in converting the model document business logic, you may want to consider upgrading instead. The latest IStream Document Manager introduces a new document format and related set of features that you to manage document assembly, management, workflow, and the complete document life cycle across the enterprise.
Calligo/IStream Upgrade

Additionally, our expert team includes a dedicated group of former Oracle and InSystems/Whitehill Technologies professionals, many of whom were responsible for the development and implementation of IStream.  Our team of skilled professionals can provide a comprehensive upgrade road-map for your legacy Calligo/IStream systems.

Our Calligo/IStream Upgrade Services include the following:

  • Prepare IStream Document Manager 6.3x environments and Install IStream Document Manager 6.3x software.
  • Prepare IStream Publisher 4.3x environments and Install IStream Publisher 4.3x software.
  • Upgrade Calligo 5.4 to IStream 6.3x including OpenText Livelink upgrade and other supported platform upgrades (e.g. Windows platform upgrade, Microsoft Word upgrade).
  • Mass upgrade of Calligo models to IStream models by leveraging IStream new format.

Benefits of upgrading Calligo to IStream 6.3x

  • New Document format – IStream Document Manager 6.1 introduced a new document format. The format of IStream documents (known as CLGs, Calligo documents and generated documents) and model documents (known as CMS, CDS, master documents and sections) has changed so that the documents created or updated in 6.x will be saved as Microsoft Word or PDF files.
  • Enhanced DMS – IStream Document Manager 6.3x supports OpenText Content Server 10, OpenText Livelink 9.7.1 and 9.7. OpenText Content Server 10.0 is the latest 64-bit Enterprise Content Server from OpenText with introduces numerous new features and enhancements.
  • New Features – enhanced error report, smart quote support, enhanced Promoter, new IStream Add-ins for Microsoft Word to author models and generate documents inside Word.
  • Newly Supported Platforms – Windows 7, Microsoft Word 2007, Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and many others.

Benefits of upgrading IStream Publisher to IStream Publisher 4.3x

  • Support for IStream Document Manager 6.3x.
  • Newly Supported Platforms (WebSphere MQ 5.3 Pack 13, JDK 6)
  • Various feature enhancements (new rendering services, new stream-back request)

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